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Opentrain is always looking for bizarre game-related comics.  Get it to us and if we can line up a translator, maybe we can make it into a project.  Bonus points for comics that are retro-gaming related and specific to one country release-wise.

If anyone has full scans of the Hobby Consolas “Manga and Videogames” book, please hook us up.  We have parts of it but not the whole thing, and would like to someday translate it all. UPDATE: Pretty sure we have this all now. Feel free to tell me any helpful solid info you know about it, though. Would gladly accept someone volunteering to make new scans for Mega Man, Club Nintendo, anything we have with sub-par image quality, too.

Someday we’d like to do a few Japanese things as well, I personally have my mind on translating Yoshizaki Mine’s game doujins.  Sonoda Kenichi has a few game-related ones as well.  So again, if you wish to volunteer to be our Japanese translator, let us know.  Anyone with Mine/Sonoda doujin scans to share, please contact us too.

Feel free to send contact emails to cryomancer at google’s email service.
Or hit us up on twitter:

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