New Adventures of Megaman

1 2 3 4
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9 10 11 12
13 14 15 16

1-8 batch: Mediafire
9-16 batch: Mediafire

Raw BR issues:
Issues 1-8
Issues 9-16

All of the above, but in a MEGA folder:
Mega Folder Alternate

Fan comic by Something Awful forums goons
17: Mediafire or Mega
18: Mediafire or Mega
19: Mediafire or Mega

Club Nintendo

1991: Mediafire Mega
1992: Mediafire Mega
1993: Mediafire Mega
1994: Mediafire Mega
1995: Mediafire Mega
1996: Mediafire Mega
1997: Mediafire Mega

Classic (French): Mediafire Mega

Raw German: Mediafire

Ninja Turtles Manga

Mutant Turtles Gaiden
Complete Volume: MF part 1 MF part 2 Mega (one-file)

Older chapter releases:
Chapter 1:
Mediafire Mega
Chapter 2: Mediafire Mega
Chapter 3: Mediafire Mega
Chapter 4: Mediafire Mega

Super Turtles
Volume 1: Mediafire Mega
Volume 2: Mediafire Mega
Volume 3: Mediafire Mega

Comic Bom Bom’s TMNT III
Chapter 1: Mediafire Mega
Chapter 2: Mediafire Mega
Chapter 3: Mediafire Mega
Chapter 4: Mediafire Mega
Chapter 5: Mediafire Mega
Chapter 6: Mediafire Mega

TMNT 2003 Action Figure mini-comic April Mediafire Mega
TMNT 2003 Action Figure mini-comic Casey Mediafire Mega
TMNT 2003 Action Figure mini-comic Donatello Mediafire Mega

Ninja Turtles Vacation 4 (Easter) Mediafire Mega

Hobby Consolas Manga & Videogames

1st Set
Evermore: Mediafire Mega
Tenkaichi Budoukai: Mediafire Mega

2nd Set
Files marked with a H are half-sized scans for anyone who might want that.
Ones marked F are the full sized release.
RPG: Mediafire F Mediafire H Mega F Mega H
64: Mediafire F Mediafire H Mega F Mega H
Sexfiles: Mediafire F Mediafire H Mega F Mega H

Other stuff

Captain Ninja Alien 3 comic: Mediafire Mega
Captain Ninja TMNT comic: Mediafire Mega
Megaton Punch 6 (Partial) Mediafire Mega

24 Responses to Releases

  1. Hi, I’m trying to download the Megaman comic, but for some reason the link for issue 3 doesn’t work. I was able to download all the other issues, and the look great. I think you did a great job, but could you please fix that link for issue #3? Thanks.

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  5. bearmon2010 says:

    Wow.. Very ugly drawing and a little bit dirty Roll in explicit in it as well. Sickening!

    • Kusanagi says:

      And funny thing is, the manga magazine that published the Megaman comic would later reveal some good manga talent (look up Holy Avenger). They encouraged people to submit their own drawings (i.e. not traced from anywhere), and the better ones were called up to work on the comic (of course, that was a time when only pros used Photoshop, and the magazine was from a small publisher, so you do the math).

      As for the thing with Roll, I once got in touch with the editor of that magazine on a YouTube livestream, and when I asked about it (I mentioned the bad rep the comic has overseas and he didn’t seem to mind – it’s a really old project anyway), he said there was actually little input from Capcom, none of it in the way of creative decisions, which led to what should be a little robot girl becoming a seminude teenager (although back then, the Ruby-Spears cartoon may have color a bit of their perception of the series, what with the age-up effected on Roll).

  6. legato says:

    I really enjoy your club nintendo comic translations. I would really appreciate if you finished all of them, most notably because the ones that involve Bomberman I’d like to post on the Bomberman Wiki. I’ll also try to share them with other wikis so hopefully a lot of the english fanbase can enjoy these comics. Thanks for doing what you have so far though. =)

  7. xoin says:

    The New Adventures of Mega Man was a hilarious read… and what an ending too XD

    Thanks for translating it!

  8. Joe says:

    While we’re waiting on the translations, do you guys have the raw scans of the club nintendo comics? I’d be interested to see them.

    • Cryomancer says:

      Yeah sure, I’ll get a link up for those in a day or two here.

      Edit: There you go.

      • Milo says:

        Your raws are not quite comprehensive. One of the N-Gang comics was misdated I think, and you’re missing some other N-Gang stories: Kino & Ketchup (iss 2, 1999), Die Ostereier-Situation (iss 2, 2000), Die Götter des Olymp (iss 4, 2000), and Die Hexe lacht um Mitternacht (iss 6, 2000). Also, what about the Special Editions? There are 9 for game releases (known) and 3 for hardware, as well as Pokemon ones apparently (unknown). Do you have these scans? If so, how about updating your package (pretty please)?

        • Cryomancer says:

          Yeah the scans for Club Nintendo are less than ideal or complete. Anything I have for it is just sourced from elsewhere on the internet, none of it is our own original scans. I’ve got some of those oneshot deals about specific games but haven’t bothered to upload them. Some of those are missing pages too, so not very helpful.

          If you have issues yourself and would like to scan stuff for us, we’d certainly welcome it! The N-Gang stuff is pretty low priority though. And it will take us a long time to get there at our pace too, unfortunately.

  9. Help, please. says:

    How do I open the downloaded packages?

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  11. William X says:

    The 1992 Mario comics Mediafire page doesn’t work. It endlessly tells me to repair the file. Please reup?

  12. necrotizer says:

    You guys should do the rest of the Rockman X manga’s. How’s your japanese?

  13. The first Mega Man comic has been taken down. (?) I was wondering if you could upload it again, as I would love to complete the series.

  14. Eliiiiiiiiiiiiiiii J. says:

    Assuming You Guys Haven’t, When You Eventually Do Finish Club Nintendo 1998, Do You Plan on Translating The N-Gang Comics (1999-2000) That Replaced the Others?

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