Something magical happened!

I’m not sure how to even explain this but here we go. Over on the Something Awful forums, a thread was made to post and discuss the BR Mega Man comic book. Our translated releases were used as it’s a mostly English language forum. Thankfully, my fellow goons enjoyed the comics and everyone had a laugh and a good time. I joined in and gave some insight on the process we used and all that biz. But when the comic ended, the amusement decided to continue and goons made their own damn Mega Man comic!! Three issues, even! I have been ofc slacking on putting these together but I think I’ve finally got them to about as good as they can be in CBR form given their very…disparate technical forms, lol. So, if you would like to read some wacky pseudo-continuation of New Adventurers of Megaman, I am please to present you with Neo Novas Aventuras de Megaman, issues 17-19!

17: Mediafire or Mega
18: Mediafire or Mega
19: Mediafire or Mega

Hopefully these aren’t too obnoxious as CBRs. There are gifs and small “pages” and so on. Some are incredibly large! Some are even video files. You may or may not wish to open the CBRs in your archive program of choice and just extract them to a folder to read. They seem to work mostly fine in CDisplayEX for me. I’ve given a warning before the most notoriously trouble making page, you’ll see. Each issue comes with a folder of fanart too and hopefully I’ve credited all the artists correctly. If I fucked something up let me know and I’ll try to fix it.

New Adventures of Megaman

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Improbable, unlikely, but never impossible

yes hello it is us and we have a release. i know, i’m lazy as hell. After a long ass time, here’s Club Nintendo 1997.

Mediafire or Mega

There was kind of a translator’s nightmare in this one that held it up for AGES. Sorry.

Club Nintendo

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can’t stop rockin’

Well this release is ready and it’s apparently World Turtle Day so hey, here’s a thing. It’s another 2003 Action Figure comic, this time it’s Donatello. As usual I’ve done a lazy colorization as well. Enjoy.

Mediafire or Mega

There are still several of these comics we do not have (I assume) so if you’ve got some of these Japanese toy releases and want to help out, get in touch.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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we’re comin’ out of our shells

Here’s another release that couldn’t get posted before, a French magazine by the name Ninja Turtles Vacation 4 (Easter). Technically we released this on Easter but hey whatever here it is on the blog properly: Mediafire or Mega

This thing is a rather strange and obviously low effort cash grab TMNT Easter activity book for kids. There’s some quite bizarre artwork sprinkled throughout it. And lots of it doesn’t make much sense. Enjoy?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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if all else fails then it’s time to kick butt

Had some technical issues preventing us from posting this before, so here it is now. The pack-in comic that came along with Casey’s 2003 action figure in Japan. Take your pick: Mediafire or Mega

As we said last time, if you happen to have any of these comics, feel free to send them our way so we can translate them.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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it’s ninja time

Yeah yeah once again I’ve managed to not post anything for nearly a year. Shit happens. Sometimes though, releases happen. I guess this is…kind of one? Slightly different than our usual fare, here’s a small comic that came with the Japanese release of the TMNT 2003 April action figure. I’ve also gone ahead and done a garish colorization job on it so I’ll include both.

Mediafire or Mega

If you happen to have these toy releases and thus the comics that came with them, feel free to send scans our way so we can do the rest! We may has some other TMNT toy-related manga on the way, also. Also maybe I’ll manage to get out something more substantial by Halloween but…maybe I won’t either. Who knows?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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Yo, you’re in for a treat, so hang on to your seat

It’s the best time of the year, so come get your Halloween candy: Club Nintendo 1996!
Pick your poison, Mediafire or Mega

everyone knows this

This is a release I’ve been looking forward to because it’s got the first half of the pretty ridiculous Halloween comic (which will be continued in 1997). In fact this release covers a lot of holidays, so you’ve got some Easter and Christmas in here too, but screw that, it’s Halloween! For the Mega Man fans out there, Dr. Light is in several comics this year too, including a reprint of his earlier appearance. So yeah don’t freak out, the pixels comic is indeed in two releases. It looks way the hell better this time though, better scan. Fans of the game Terranigma should also probably take note as it gets a whole 6 pages of this release to itself to advertise a standalone comic that we will probably eventually hopefully maybe be doing as well. Club Nintendo did several of those for different games, we haven’t really gotten into those yet, sorry.

Club Nintendo

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this is shellshock

Chapter 6, the final chapter of Comic Bom Bom’s TMNT 3 adaptation is here! You can get it on: Mediafire or Mega

seems appropriate

Much like horror movie franchises, despite this being the final chapter we will somehow release another, because we’ll be doing a full volume release at some point. Give me awhile to pretty up a few things, standardize some font stuff, maybe colorize some more pages, that sort of thing. Anyway I hope you’ve enjoyed this comic as it was obviously a lot of effort and time and time where I didn’t have the time to put in the effort. Blame work, stupid real jobs.

No promises, like always, but hopefully we’ll have some more Club Nintendo coming in the not-too-distant-future.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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All for one we fight together

Time for chapter 5 of CBB’s TMNT III. As usual, use your freedom of choice:
Mediafire or Mega

yeah we are

So just two more releases to go for this comic, the last chapter and then some kind of volume edition after that. Those might take slightly longer than I’d prefer to finish but we’ll see how it goes. But don’t worry, I believe we have some more TMNT stuff coming after that eventually. Something something tortoise and the hare.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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A dumb late present

If you got the 1995 Club Nintendo release and read the credits page you saw that I did a silly edit of some of the panels from the Wario Xmas story. As I mentioned in that post, here’s the blank for your own use if you’d like such a thing: white background or black background

It’s nothing fancy or particularly well made edit-wise, but I made myself laugh anyway. Here’s a white background version of the edit I did, click through for the full size:

Bonus Pretzel

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