go ninja go ninja go

Today I’m proud to present to you possibly one of the most Opentrain-relevant releases ever. What do you get if you put together Brazil, Captain Ninja, old game magazines, and TMNT? Captain Ninja TMNT (from Gamers #3)[Opentrain].cbr


This release includes both the main comic from this issue as well as a few semi-related pages of the magazine, including an additional 1-page Captain Ninja comic about MK II.

I have a lot of people I want to thank for their help for this release. The translation has been brought to you by the efforts of grungethemovie who will hopefully be joining us for some more Captain Ninja soon. He even made the bonus page this time. Also would like to thank wilddiverse from the Technodrome forums for pointing us to the scans, and http://www.datacassete.com.br/ for scanning them. And finally we also got a little outside help on this one that was quite appreciated. Hopefully more Captain coming in the near-ish future!

Captain Ninja

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  1. Andy says:

    Oh man, so many memories. I used to read those as a kid; easily the best part of what used to be a lackluster magazine. Too bad he got ditched as the mag improved (but then, the author was moving on to bigger and better things at that point).

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