Something magical happened!

I’m not sure how to even explain this but here we go. Over on the Something Awful forums, a thread was made to post and discuss the BR Mega Man comic book. Our translated releases were used as it’s a mostly English language forum. Thankfully, my fellow goons enjoyed the comics and everyone had a laugh and a good time. I joined in and gave some insight on the process we used and all that biz. But when the comic ended, the amusement decided to continue and goons made their own damn Mega Man comic!! Three issues, even! I have been ofc slacking on putting these together but I think I’ve finally got them to about as good as they can be in CBR form given their very…disparate technical forms, lol. So, if you would like to read some wacky pseudo-continuation of New Adventurers of Megaman, I am please to present you with Neo Novas Aventuras de Megaman, issues 17-19!

17: Mediafire or Mega
18: Mediafire or Mega
19: Mediafire or Mega

Hopefully these aren’t too obnoxious as CBRs. There are gifs and small “pages” and so on. Some are incredibly large! Some are even video files. You may or may not wish to open the CBRs in your archive program of choice and just extract them to a folder to read. They seem to work mostly fine in CDisplayEX for me. I’ve given a warning before the most notoriously trouble making page, you’ll see. Each issue comes with a folder of fanart too and hopefully I’ve credited all the artists correctly. If I fucked something up let me know and I’ll try to fix it.

New Adventures of Megaman

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