Yo, you’re in for a treat, so hang on to your seat

It’s the best time of the year, so come get your Halloween candy: Club Nintendo 1996!
Pick your poison, Mediafire or Mega

everyone knows this

This is a release I’ve been looking forward to because it’s got the first half of the pretty ridiculous Halloween comic (which will be continued in 1997). In fact this release covers a lot of holidays, so you’ve got some Easter and Christmas in here too, but screw that, it’s Halloween! For the Mega Man fans out there, Dr. Light is in several comics this year too, including a reprint of his earlier appearance. So yeah don’t freak out, the pixels comic is indeed in two releases. It looks way the hell better this time though, better scan. Fans of the game Terranigma should also probably take note as it gets a whole 6 pages of this release to itself to advertise a standalone comic that we will probably eventually hopefully maybe be doing as well. Club Nintendo did several of those for different games, we haven’t really gotten into those yet, sorry.

Club Nintendo

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2 Responses to Yo, you’re in for a treat, so hang on to your seat

  1. MiloScat says:

    So great to see another Club Nintendo release! You should know by now that the majority of them have already been translated, but I’m very happy to see this all the same, and to see what improvements you’ve made over what was available!

    The Transformation: Clearly superior to your previous release.
    Mariozilla: A slightly more natural translation than Supper Mario Broth’s effort, and no less professionally done.
    Terranigma: You’re the first with this one, and what a fantastic scanlation!! Glad to see another Holerö uttered in this one (the first in fact!). No wasted effort either; the Special Edition version has a different script over the same art for these pages.
    The Night of Horror: I did this one myself before, and yours is about on par with it. You’ve done a few nice little things, and we both have a few tiny mistakes. Either one is good (although I’ve already done part 2)!
    Banana Day 24: I think I slightly prefer my translation for this one, although your spacing and font looks better, and I did miss one word by mistake. Also I kind of regret making the aliens speak broken English.

    All in all, wonderful job, team. Keep that flame alive. For your reference and your readers, I maintain a spreadsheet online of all Club Nintendo comics and their availability in English: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1BNtE78DDEY5-NY0_6UKtUMqC_KButI1mcVvkZGkBzjc/edit?usp=sharing

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