We are Donkey and we demand you read this comic! Yeah!

It is holiday time and Opentrain is giving you a present: Club Nintendo 1995! Grab it on Mediafire or Mega!

1995 has three DKC comics, two Mario Picross comics, and a Christmas comic about Wario (also featuring Bomberman, Kirby, and…Kid Clown??). Note that in these, DK says some really weird stuff, but he’s clearly still wasted from the party last night. Consider it a Tails Gets Trolled side story. Also, sorry about the cramped-as-hell bubbles on some of these, I did all I could. And if you liked my terrible credits page joke panel this time, I am probably gonna upload a “blank” version later for others to make similarly terrible edits of it if they wish. Tell Nintendo how much you miss Startropics and Mother maybe?

Club Nintendo

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1993 y’all, straight from the sewer

Got a pre-holiday release for you, and here it is: chapter 4 of CBB’s TMNT III manga.

Mediafire or Mega

This one is pretty different from the movie and includes a pretty neat scene where April exploits the fact that they think she’s a witch. Hopefully this won’t be the last release of the year but no promises. Also, I have finally updated the releases page. Let me know if I left anything off still or a link is broken or whatnot.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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Thanks to some new scans surfacing since the last time I checked, we have a new Mangas & Videogames for you today. It’s an X-Files crossover, and it’s pretty damn weird, just the way we like it.

Mediafire or Mega
or alternativly if you’d prefer it at half resolution for reading on lower-end machines
Mediafire (halfsize) or Mega (halfsize)


We finally have a decent handle on the various Mangas & Videogames contests Hobby Consolas ran. We are now pretty confident that there were a total of three sets of comics made. The first was in 1996, and the comics were printed with issues 59-62 of the magazine. The Evermore and DBZ comics we released back-to-back awhile ago where from that part. The second set were printed as a standalone book in 1997. This release, and the ones called RPG and 64 are from that book. Additionally in 2013 they did a third contest on their website. Now, Opentrain has consistent scans of all three sets, so now we can actually do them all. No promises on when of course, but hopefully eventually it will get done. This also means we’re doing a new file name scheme so those previous M&V releases will unfortunately have mismatched file names compared to future releases, sorry about that. I may upload renamed copies if anyone actually wants them.

Mangas & Videogames

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swing your arms from side to side

Holy shit we’re alive again. I think we have more dead time than active time, but hey you are probably reading this in THE FUTURE where it no longer matters.

Anyway hey, have some French Club Nintendo for a change:
Mediafire or Mega

an accurate depiction of the opentrain offices

This release is a partial translation of a book called “Club Nintendo Classic” released in French. It’s a partial translation because most of the book is just your usual 90s videogame magazine fare and not particularly interesting. There are a couple of untranslated pages in here that don’t say anything terribly useful (buy our magazine, mostly) but we included them because they have uncommon (exclusive?) artwork on them. There were only a few pages of actual comic in this book. Anyway enjoy, and if you happen to know of any other French language stuff worth translating please send us a message about it because we don’t really know much about it!

Club Nintendo

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the power of the ninja is strong

First off, welcome to the new URL for opentrain. Some shit happened and we lost the old one, sorry about that. Hope this one is just as good or better. We’ve already gotten a few spam comments so I guess we’re back!

Secondly, let’s celebrate that with a new chapter of TMNT 3, chapter 3. Mediafire or alternatively, Mega.


I’m not sure if I addressed it before but there are some pages in this release that are of a drastically different resolution than the others. Sorry if the inconsistency bothers you.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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yo DJ, spin that wheel

And here we’ve got the second chapter of CBB’s TMNT III manga. In two exciting flavors:

Mediafire link: click here
Mega Link: click here

what is this outside you speak of?

Sat on this one longer than I should have, sorry about that. This chapter introduces some new characters that were not in the movie far as I tell. Chapter 3 coming at some point!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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So here we go, the first in what is gonna end up being a long line of releases related to the third TMNT movie: Comic Bom Bom’s TMNT 3 Chapter 1.

And since Mediafire has been giving people trouble, here’s an alternative Mega link. Let me know how that works out for you guys.

This particular manga adaptation is 6 chapters. We’ll be doing the chapters as singles first and then I’ll put together a volume release, like we did with MT Gaiden. After that, there is actually another manga adaptation by Dengeki of the same movie that we will probably also be doing. Lots of people dislike the movie, but hopefully someone is entertained by these manga versions anyway. A lot of stuff is quite different than the movie, you’ll see.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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go ninja go ninja go

Today I’m proud to present to you possibly one of the most Opentrain-relevant releases ever. What do you get if you put together Brazil, Captain Ninja, old game magazines, and TMNT? Captain Ninja TMNT (from Gamers #3)[Opentrain].cbr


This release includes both the main comic from this issue as well as a few semi-related pages of the magazine, including an additional 1-page Captain Ninja comic about MK II.

I have a lot of people I want to thank for their help for this release. The translation has been brought to you by the efforts of grungethemovie who will hopefully be joining us for some more Captain Ninja soon. He even made the bonus page this time. Also would like to thank wilddiverse from the Technodrome forums for pointing us to the scans, and http://www.datacassete.com.br/ for scanning them. And finally we also got a little outside help on this one that was quite appreciated. Hopefully more Captain coming in the near-ish future!

Captain Ninja

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haven’t you ever seen a pink shirt before?

So in an unheard of first, Opentrain is releasing TWO THINGS IN TWO DAYS.
Click here for Tenkaichi Budoukai action.

i know right

Yeah no kidding! At least I think this is the first time we’ve done this, I’m too lazy to look it up and that laziness is exactly why I assume we haven’t. Anyway, here’s the comic that follows the Evermore one we just posted, a short Dragon Ball Z comic with an amusing end. It was a pretty easy thing to do so we went ahead and did it.

Mangas & Videogames

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Yes. Tiny likes irony.

The other day I discovered that there is in fact another book of Spanish manga published by Hobby Consolas. And we have scans of the entire thing this time! After flipping through it I was astounded to find a mock-Toriyama Secret of Evermore comic! I instantly demanded this become a priority job for Opentrain and now I can share it with you all. This file has the longest filename thus far for us, so here it is in all it’s glory: Mangas & Videogames 1st National Competition – Secret of Evermore Adventures [Opentrain].cbr!

evermore cover

Of course we will be doing more of this book. It’s at least as insane as the other one we’ve worked on from this magazine, so you know we’re all about this.

It’s been an interesting week or so behind the scenes for Opentrain, and it’s looking like we’ll have at least a couple more releases coming up actually soon this time around!

Mangas & Videogames

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