We are Donkey and we demand you read this comic! Yeah!

It is holiday time and Opentrain is giving you a present: Club Nintendo 1995! Grab it on Mediafire or Mega!

1995 has three DKC comics, two Mario Picross comics, and a Christmas comic about Wario (also featuring Bomberman, Kirby, and…Kid Clown??). Note that in these, DK says some really weird stuff, but he’s clearly still wasted from the party last night. Consider it a Tails Gets Trolled side story. Also, sorry about the cramped-as-hell bubbles on some of these, I did all I could. And if you liked my terrible credits page joke panel this time, I am probably gonna upload a “blank” version later for others to make similarly terrible edits of it if they wish. Tell Nintendo how much you miss Startropics and Mother maybe?

Club Nintendo

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