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Note: This post was eaten! I posted this release and then the server owner had to move to a new box and used an out of date backup. So this is me attempting to remember what I posted last time!

So it looks like I did that unofficial hiatus thing again this year, sorry about that. Anyway, now we’re back with something completely different than anything we’ve done before! Thanks to the hard work of my Japanese friend jumpAlice, Opentrain presents Megaton Punch 6 (partial).

Note that this is from a doujinshi and is adult in nature, more so than any of our previous releases. Megaton Punch 6 is part of a series of doujinshi put out by Kenichi Sonoda and some friends of his. This particular release is just Mr. Sonoda’s portion of the book. This is sort of a dream project for me, as I am a huge nerd for his artwork, and here he is making a manga with lots of video game jokes and innuendo. Hopefully we will be doing more of his work in the future.


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you can count on us

After months of nothing, here it is at last: Super Turtles volume three.


And thus, the end of the Super Turtles saga. Or is it? There is actually some full-color comics created for the action figures and magazines (I think), that we will probably eventually do once we find scans of them all. They are however an alternate version of the same story, so this particular story should indeed be complete. We also have yet another TMNT manga project already somewhat in the works, although it’s unrelated to Super Turtles.

Also, sorry about the downtime. Hopefully a release makes up for it!

Super Turtles

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mega miscellany

I made a dumb thing. Now I pass it onto you. If I was less lazy, it would probably have KIDNAP MAN and MAGIC MAN but hey whatever. Click it for 3X size.

Also here is a wonderful little song for you that was used to promote Rockman Soccer. As dumb as it is, I actually kind of like it, especially the bilingual parts.

Bonus Pretzel

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The Return of Club Nintendo

Finally I have something to release today. After a long hiatus and then a long “I’m out of hiatus now but still lazy as shit” I finally got something done and here you go. Club Nintendo comics from 1994: Airbag my ass, madame!

kirby, private dick

In this release you can see the end of Mario’s time-traveling adventure that started in 1993, and a 4-chapter story about Kirby as a detective, complete with lots of cultural references to TV shows. Also they seemed to like Plok a fair bit this year, enough to have him appear in both story lines.

Club Nintendo

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unofficial hiatus hopefully over

I didn’t announce it but I basically took January off as a “personal month” to play a bunch of videogames and take it easy. So now that it’s February I’m going to try and get back to work. No promises on anything actually getting released this month, but know that at least something is being worked on again.

PS franz where the fuck are you we miss you


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now hiring: japanese translator(s)

Time to do some shameless begging. The tl;dr is that I want someone to translate Japanese materials for Opentrain. Yeah, we have a joint project going for doing the Japanese TMNT stuff, but I want to get a new in-house member for game stuff. Preferably someone who is comfortable working with Kanji and plays old videogames. If you are interested in joining the glamorous* world of fan translation of manga, please contact me via email. You can get my address on the about page on this blog. Note that this job in no way involves payment or reimbursement. It’s a hobbyist deal and we just do it because we like the material. A successful “hire” could either hang out with us all in IRC to work or just correspond with me via email. Your English does not have to be 10000% perfect either, I will help you polish up rough translations into more natural sounding English. Could be a learning experience for the both of us.

What could we be working on if we did indeed get help from such an individual? I’ve got the following things in mind already (and the raw scans sitting on my drive):
A two chapter X-Blades manga.
A 5 chapter Popful Mail manga.
Several volumes worth of assorted Dragon Quest 4koma.
Some game-related hentai doujinshi by Yoshizaki Mine and Kenichi Sonoda.

People wanting to translate with us can also present material they are interested in working on, of course, and if it seems like something we’d be into we could do that instead. I’d really like to do Quinty and Valis someday, if I could get my hands on the pages.

I also have probably dozens of volumes of (non game related) manga by artists I enjoy (that are also mostly ignored by translation groups) that I would totally do given a willing and able translator to work with. Stuff like Sonoda’s early SF works and… pretty much anything by Shimpei Itoh, like Cutey Honey a Go Go! and Tokyo Bomber Girls. Hell I’d even do Buichi Terasawa’s Cobra stuff if someone wants to help out.

*glamor not guaranteed, or to actually be expected.


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drink blazing electric death

After like a month of off and on work, Super Turtles Vol 2 is ready at last. Here you go.


This volume has the TMNT and pals taking a vacation on the beach, and then things happen. It features both April in a one-piece and Splinter in what would probably be totally canon-accurate beachwear. I mention it on the credits page too, but back when I released the “coming soon” image for this series I mistakenly said it was two volumes, but it’s actually three. And of course the third volume will be coming eventually.

Super Turtles

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Bonus Megaman Collage

Decided to grab a bunch of the booby panels of Megaman and put together a big-ass collage. Various nude Roll shots, as well as some funny bubbles/faces and close to every costume worn by the main female characters in the comic. Just a silly little extra. Kinda neat to see how the art and costume changes by having it all right next to each other. It’s pretty big, even when reduced to 50%, so here’s a link as to not stretch out the blog:

Show me your metal curves.

Bonus Pretzel

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Wololo Day

I don’t know how it started, but we’re celebrating #WOLOLODAY on twitter in Brazil.

1. A word uttered by the priest units from the original Age of Empires game, usually when attempting to convert an enemy unit over to their side. Since then it has been used as a taunt in subsequent Age of Empires games, baffling all those who’ve never played the original game.
“I’m in Ur Base Killin Ur Doodz”
(taken from Urban Dictionary)

So pick a side, #WOLOLORED or #WOLOLOBLUE, and start tweeting about how awesome your color is or taunting the other!

Here’s a few neat examples, twitted or retwitted by @PiadasNerds:

The red Power Ranger was the leader, now everybody knows what the blue one turned out to be, right? #WOLOLORED

Deep Blue beat red comunism on chess. #WOLOLOBLUE

Internet Explorer is blue. Fatality! #WOLOLORED

Bluetooth is better than infra-red. #WOLOLOBLUE

It’s the red pill that takes you to the Matrix. #WOLOLORED

In Wikipedia, blue links lead to content, red links don’t, so #WOLOLOBLUE


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Street Fighter Dance

Axé is a Brazilian music genre. Repetitive music, repetitive lyrics, for people to dance repetitive dances. Usually, these songs are a big hit for a month (tops) and are never heard again (same for the band).

This is one of this year’s hits, Dança do Street Fighter, by Mantena e JP. There are two different videos, both equally enjoyable.

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