drink blazing electric death

After like a month of off and on work, Super Turtles Vol 2 is ready at last. Here you go.


This volume has the TMNT and pals taking a vacation on the beach, and then things happen. It features both April in a one-piece and Splinter in what would probably be totally canon-accurate beachwear. I mention it on the credits page too, but back when I released the “coming soon” image for this series I mistakenly said it was two volumes, but it’s actually three. And of course the third volume will be coming eventually.

Super Turtles

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  1. James Ross says:

    I just want to say thank you so much for taking the time to make these available for TMNT fans everywhere – you have no idea how cool things like this are, so I just wanted to leave a comment to show both my gratitude and appreciation.

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