Wololo Day

I don’t know how it started, but we’re celebrating #WOLOLODAY on twitter in Brazil.

1. A word uttered by the priest units from the original Age of Empires game, usually when attempting to convert an enemy unit over to their side. Since then it has been used as a taunt in subsequent Age of Empires games, baffling all those who’ve never played the original game.
“I’m in Ur Base Killin Ur Doodz”
(taken from Urban Dictionary)

So pick a side, #WOLOLORED or #WOLOLOBLUE, and start tweeting about how awesome your color is or taunting the other!

Here’s a few neat examples, twitted or retwitted by @PiadasNerds:

The red Power Ranger was the leader, now everybody knows what the blue one turned out to be, right? #WOLOLORED

Deep Blue beat red comunism on chess. #WOLOLOBLUE

Internet Explorer is blue. Fatality! #WOLOLORED

Bluetooth is better than infra-red. #WOLOLOBLUE

It’s the red pill that takes you to the Matrix. #WOLOLORED

In Wikipedia, blue links lead to content, red links don’t, so #WOLOLOBLUE


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