Portable Pageant

Note: This post was eaten! I posted this release and then the server owner had to move to a new box and used an out of date backup. So this is me attempting to remember what I posted last time!

So it looks like I did that unofficial hiatus thing again this year, sorry about that. Anyway, now we’re back with something completely different than anything we’ve done before! Thanks to the hard work of my Japanese friend jumpAlice, Opentrain presents Megaton Punch 6 (partial).

Note that this is from a doujinshi and is adult in nature, more so than any of our previous releases. Megaton Punch 6 is part of a series of doujinshi put out by Kenichi Sonoda and some friends of his. This particular release is just Mr. Sonoda’s portion of the book. This is sort of a dream project for me, as I am a huge nerd for his artwork, and here he is making a manga with lots of video game jokes and innuendo. Hopefully we will be doing more of his work in the future.


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3 Responses to Portable Pageant

  1. TLDR says:

    ‘This file has been blocked on terms of service violations’

    Dark, dark days

    • Cryomancer says:

      Yeah I really don’t get what is going on with our mediafire links right now. Some people are reporting that they don’t work, but they work for me, some “is this link working” websites I’ve tried, and some other people I’ve had confirm/deny too. So I guess it’s sort of up in the air as to what the actual status of the files are.

      I’m looking into making mirrors, but I haven’t decided which other upload sites are unshitty enough to trust sending people to for our stuff.

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