The Return of Club Nintendo

Finally I have something to release today. After a long hiatus and then a long “I’m out of hiatus now but still lazy as shit” I finally got something done and here you go. Club Nintendo comics from 1994: Airbag my ass, madame!

kirby, private dick

In this release you can see the end of Mario’s time-traveling adventure that started in 1993, and a 4-chapter story about Kirby as a detective, complete with lots of cultural references to TV shows. Also they seemed to like Plok a fair bit this year, enough to have him appear in both story lines.

Club Nintendo

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5 Responses to The Return of Club Nintendo

  1. Adam Winters says:

    Good to see new updates from you!

  2. Milo says:

    I agree! Love the Club Nintendo stuff, thanks a lot for going to all the trouble. One thing I didn’t get though (aside from the cultural references), what is wrong with Santa in the very last panel that causes them to be surprised? He has a white fluffy tail? Is it supposed to be Scrooge McDuck?
    Having said that though, the annotations are usually very informative when it comes to context-specific jokes, so I appreciate the research. Thanks again.

  3. legato says:

    I’m very excited you picked up on this project again! While you’re working on the other translations, I was wondering if you could provide the raw, untranslated files for us of all the comics? Also, do you have the N-Gang comics as well? Thanks.

    • Cryomancer says:

      The raws we are working from are on the releases page if you want em. N-Gang stuff should be in there too. If we’re missing anything, let me know so we can do that too eventually. I know there were a lot of standalone special comics, for example, at least some of which we do have scans for.

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