Opentrain Blog: Now with content indicators

I realized that I didn’t bother to mention anywhere on the blog that our stuff may or may not be NSFW, so I thought I should. But then I realized there isn’t really a great place to post that anywhere remotely permanently. So what I’ve done is installed a plugin that gives categories colors at the end of posts, and I’ll be using those colors as a content indicator. The scale will mostly be in regards to nudity, since that seems to be the thing people want to be warned about the most, so there could still be some language or violence etc in things lower down on the scale.

basically it’s:
blue: utility color for non-release posts and bonus pretzel stuff
green: nothing too questionable, although violence and or some language could still be present
yellow: stuff like megaman where there is sorta-nudity and such going on
salmon-pink-color: mangas & videogames is here, this is stuff that has some actual nudity in it
red: game doujinshi with more directly adult content whatnot goes here.

Of course this is just for informational purposes, our releases will continue to have whatever materials they have in them. I just know that some people will appreciate knowing in advance. Use it as a system to keep yourself from seeing naked girls, or use it as a system to find naked girls, it works both ways.


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