isolate the processor wavelengths

Continuing the epic saga, here’s Megaman issue 14: click me.


In this issue, there’s a page with some fairly neat cameos, and the confusion that is trying to tell the Neo Mavericks apart. Yes that’s right, all 5 members of the mysterious organization known as THE SIX are revealed in this issue. We are nearing the end of the v1 releases. V2 checks are being done already, hopefully those will be able to be turned out fairly quick, but I’m probably going to do an enforced “vacation period” after the release of 16v1 to see if anyone wants to come forward to clean up the covers for us, and while we debate about if we wanna translate the letters pages and such or not.

New Adventures of Megaman

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  1. Truner says:

    You guys are awesome! I really enjoy reading this comic. The story is darkish but still funny and I like how Roll gets more attention… not just THAT was.

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