Well we’ve finally gone and done it. We’ve finished Megaman. Tear the final issue right out of the chest of the internet here.


Too bad this never got any more issues, as I am curious as to where the hell it was going with this. I may write up my own personal guesses as to what would have happened in any material past this issue, we’ll see. If anyone out there reading this happens to be someone who worked on this comic, it’d be cool if you’d let us know what was planned.

So what do we do with franz now that this series is done? Do it again, of course! As we always planned to, we’ll be re-doing Megaman eventually, so we can release version 2 editions. They’ll (hopefully) have any translation errors fixed up, more consistent font usage, any other fixes we find out about that need done (hint: tell us in the comments if we made any mistakes). I’d also like to make English translations of the covers and letters pages and editorial stuff etc, hopefully at least some of that will happen. If anyone wants to volunteer to clean those covers, please do, they’re a pain. V2 releases will not start right away, but they’ll come sometime in the future and hopefully in quick succession. I hope you enjoyed this comic, at least on some level. I actually learned to enjoy it quite a bit by the end here, and will probably read the whole series through in a sitting soon now that we’ve finished the v1 set. Thanks for reading.

New Adventures of Megaman

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  1. Robert says:

    Do you have issues 1-7 because I can’t find find them

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